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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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Yesterday: Washington Boulevard (VA-27) crossing from Virginia onto Columbia Island in DC, then back into Virginia via Memorial Avenue to enter Arlington Cemetery. Later the same hour, back into DC via Memorial Avenue, then back into Virginia via I-395 over the 14th Street Bridge (there was so much traffic waiting to enter the cemetery that it was easier to go over Memorial Bridge and loop past the Jefferson Memorial than it would have been to continue around Memorial Circle to access I-395 from Columbia Island). Yesterday was Wreaths Across America family passholder day. Unlike last year, they didn't open up the service exit from the cemetery onto Columbia Pike to expedite traffic flow leaving the cemetery, which meant it took 20 minutes to half an hour to go from the cemetery end of Memorial Avenue to Memorial Bridge.

I live in Ann Arbor so this is usually pretty boring -- US-23 if going east, I-94 if going west. Most recent one that was a different road was US-2 leaving and I-94 returning (did a loop around lake Michigan).

On my last trip,  I crossed the following:

TX/AR I-30
AR/MO I-55
MO/IL I-255

Virginia to Maryland via I-95 / I-495 Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Maryland to Virginia via US-301 / Nice Bridge.


NY/MA and MA/NY: I-90


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