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What road did you leave on and reenter your state when you left it?

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I-295, North Attleboro, MA/Cumberland, RI and back.

Most recently, left Illinois on I-57 (a first for me; most of the time, I leave IL on I-94 west towards Milwaukee or I-90 towards Indiana) and...I flew home, so...technically I-190, I guess?

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Left the state of Ohio via the Brent Spence Bridge (aka I-71/75) back on Feb. 9
Returned to my home state via I-70 from Indiana, earlier this evening.

Massachusetts Ave, both leaving and returning after hitting my local PNC Branch. Technically, Westmoreland Circle I suppose.

Just took a trip between the Denver area and Reno.

Left CO/entered UT on I-70, left UT/entered NV on I-80.
Left NV/entered UT on US 50 (wanted to get the "Loneliest Road" in), left UT/entered CO on I-70.


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