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Added a bunch of pictures from last year and so far this year.

Pictures mostly from Kentucky, but some from West Virginia and a smattering of Virginia and Ohio as well.

New US 460/Corridor Q, the Dingess Tunnel in West Virginia, and the new mini-roundabout in Rowan County at the intersection of KY 801 and US 60 are in these sets.

El Paso & Southern New Mexico from last month
Roads -
El Paso Overlooks -

Photos from my weekend trip:

Basically US 460 to Bluefield, then some photos from the Bluefield-Princeton area, including construction of the new portion of US 52/King Coal Highway.

Loop from Princeton to Covington and Clifton Forge via Pearisburg, Paint Bank, New Castle, Paint Bank again (thanks to a wrong turn), Covington, Clifton Forge, Covington again, Sweet Springs, Union, Peterstown, and Rich Creek.

Back to Kentucky with a side trip to check out Corridor Q construction in Virginia and what will be Kentucky's tallest bridge, also along Corridor Q/US 460.

An update to my Flickr page....added are new sign photos from NJ Turnpike, Baltimore and more...

Please let me know what you think


--- Quote from: Max Rockatansky on January 09, 2021, 10:28:18 PM ---Interstate shields aren't too hard to by on eBay for decent prices provided you look everyday.

--- End quote ---
Max, I have to change the subject momentarily, but I recognize some of your photos from one of your recent Florida day trips.

The one at this link is eastbound Spring Hill Drive (Hernando CR 524) approaching Mariner Boulevard (Hernando CR 587) in Spring Hill.

That one is US 98/301 approaching the split with the former US 98/301 in Dade City.

I can always look for more to identify.


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