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--- Quote from: Stephane Dumas on January 08, 2021, 08:53:10 PM ---There also some upgrades planned for BC-7. I wonder if there was once some plans to convert BC-7 into a full freeway between BC-7B and BC-11?

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Iím pretty sure the Lougheed was never intended to be a freeway - always a local/relief route for Highway 1. BC seems to follow more the UK model of freeways for clear trunk routes, and expressways for intercity connectors.

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The Lougheed between Mission and Maple Ridge has seen widening in the past twenty years, bit by bit.  For Mission it was a local but direct route to Vancouver, but the Mission Bridge connection to the Trans-Canada was for years faster, up until bad congestion occurred on the Port Mann Bridge from the mid-1990s until the replacement Port Mann was completed.  The Haney bypass quickened travelling for years but itself became congested and had traffic signals added.  The improved Pitt River Bridge replaced the old twin Bridges in the early 2000's.  The Ministry of Highways may have had high level plans in the 1960s for it to become a freeway, but surely won't become a freeway east of Pitt Meadows.

The section east of Mission through Dewdney is rather quaint, having changed little in the past fifty to sixty years.


--- Quote from: TXtoNJ on January 08, 2021, 06:59:22 PM ---The biggest news in the Lower Mainland outside of Van is that the expansion of Hwy 1 to 216th St in Langley is complete.

Further expansion to 3x3 from Langley to Fraser Hwy in Abbotsford was part of the NDP's platform for the recent election, so we should see that soon (it is promised by 2026). This will alleviate likely the biggest traffic chokepoint on the entire BC highway system.

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I had totally forgot about that interchange. Last I checked it was still under construction, so I'm glad to see it opened.

The drive from Abbotsford to Vancouver can be a real slog, so I'm glad to see that they are widening it. Last time I was in that area, I was going from Chilliwack to Vancouver but I went via Lougheed instead, simply to avoid Hwy 1.

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--- Quote from: jakeroot on January 08, 2021, 01:16:21 PM ---* Rebuild of Hwy 91/SFPR interchange: see here;

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Interesting... I wonder if the SFPR will be a proper freeway some day.  Looks like that interchange still won't be freeway/freeway, though, at least at the BC 91 end.

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It's damn close to being freeway-to-freeway but indeed not quite. The next spot to focus should be the Tillbury Connector; upgrading that to an interchange would create a 25km freeway from Delta to Surrey. There would still be work to do in Surrey (Old Yale, Bridgeview, 116 Ave) but it would allow for maybe some speed limit increases south/west of Old Yale.


--- Quote from: splashflash on January 09, 2021, 05:49:06 AM ---The Haney bypass quickened travelling for years but itself became congested and had traffic signals added.

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I was wondering when that was built and was a bit astonished that it was at least the late 70s, maybe 1980. To go that long without some lane improvements seems pretty crazy.

Some photos of the Trans-Canada Highway in BC through the Cape Horn interchange.

Two views looking westerly from just west of the Port Mann Bridge:

Two views looking easterly towards the Port Mann Bridge from the King Edward Drive overpass:

Two views looking easterly towards Vancouver:

The Big Orange Bridge in Nelson, BC:


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