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Greetings from Austin TX

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Spent the past two years working on a research project about the past, present and future of the highway system in America. Mostly political and economic aspects. Interested to see what piques others' interest in roads here in this forum.

Howdy from Houston! I'm interested in all things Houston, as well as other parts of Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. I also like unique and interesting signs. Welcome to the forum!

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Welcome from So Cal.  Never been to Austin; been to Dallas-Ft Worth area several times.

Welcome!  I'm from right outside of Fayetteville, AR, which is in many ways a sister city to Austin.  Similarly explosive growth in population and road congestion, similarly situated politically with trending towards left of center while surrounded by a state right of center, although Fayetteville isn't a state capital like Austin.  Lots of migration between both cities as well if the numbers are to be believed, although we get a lot more from the Dallas/Arlington/Ft. Worth area than Austin.  Lots of TX plates around here, likely because of the U of A, but not entirely as there's lots trying to escape TX as it's being overrun by CA folk.


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