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Was there an attempt at a state highway grid in Oregon?

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Having lived here for a few years now, I'm aware Oregon has some oddities with state highways, specifically with mile posts belonging to the highway (for example, the Santiam Highway being a designation for US 20) vs the route itself.

That said, was Oregon's plan to have a grid for state highways like neighboring Washington?

I ask because it seems most of the highways in the Willamette Valley/Portland Metro are in the 200s.

Max Rockatansky:
Werenít most of the 200 range numbers assigned fairly recently to State Highways that didnít have numbers?


--- Quote from: Max Rockatansky on February 05, 2021, 11:54:24 PM ---Werenít most of the 200 range numbers assigned fairly recently to State Highways that didnít have numbers?

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I thought those were in the 500s, such as 569 in Eugene and 551 near Aurora

The sub-100 routes were laid out with some logic in mind: Evens starting in the northwest with 2 and going down the coast (OR 2 is now US 26, not to be confused with ORH 2, which still fits the scheme, which is I-84, and former ORH 2W-now 92, which is US 30 west of Portland).
By route numbers:
2 Sunset Hwy [ORH 47] (US 26)
6 Wilson River Hwy [ORH 37]
8 Gales Creek Rd/TV Hwy [ORH 29]/Canyon Rd  [ORH 29]
10 Farmington Rd [ORH 142]/Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy [ORH 40]/Capitol Hwy [ORH 40]
12? Powell {Valley} Rd [ORH 26]/Mt Hood Hwy [ORH 26] (US 26) (Powell Blvd would likely have been Powell Valley Rd back then)
14 Three Rivers Hwy [ORH 32] (OR 22)
16 Willamina-Sheridan Hwy [ORH 157] (OR 18B)
18 Salmon River Hwy [ORH 39]
22 Willamina-Salem Hwy [ORH 30]/North Santiam Hwy [ORH 162]
?? Corvallis-Newport Hwy [ORH 33]/Corvallis-Albany Hwy [ORH 31]/Santiam Hwy [ORH 16] (US 20)
34 Alsea Hwy [ORH 27]/(Corvallis-Newport Hwy [ORH 33])/Corvallis-Lebanon Hwy [ORH 210]
36 Mapleton-Junction City Hwy [ORH 229]
?? Florence-Eugene Hwy/MacKenzie Hwy (US 28, now OR 126)
38 Umpqua Hwy [ORH 45]
42 Coos Bay-Roseburg Hwy [ORH 35]
62 Crater Lake Hwy [ORH 22]
66 Green Springs Hwy [ORH 21]

For the odds, they start in the northeastern corner and work their way west:
3 Enterprise-Lewiston Hwy [ORH 11]
7 Whitney Hwy [ORH 71]
11 Oregon-Washington Hwy [ORH 8]
19 John Day Hwy [ORH 5]
27 Crooked River Hwy [ORH 14]
39 Klamath Falls-Lakeview Hwy [ORH 20]/Klamath Falls-Malin Hwy [ORH 50]/Hatfield Hwy [ORH 426]


--- Quote from: NE2 on October 13, 2013, 07:07:12 PM ---The Oregon State Highway Commission officially adopted a system of 36 named and numbered highways on November 27, 1917. The main routes were numbered 1-7, with 8-35 clustered across the state, and 36 probably added late in planning. Signs with numbers (later also including names) were installed beginning in early 1920. There were few changes to the system until 1931-32 (at which time the number had reached 47), when a fair number of county roads were taken over as secondary highways. These secondary highways received three-digit numbers, with the first two digits representing the county in a geographic clustering pattern, from 102 in Clatsop County to 458 in Malheur County (I don't know why 100 was skipped, though 101 was presumably not used due to US 101).

A separate system of signed routes was adopted in 1932, making the highway numbers for internal use only. Every primary highway received a one- or two-digit route number, assigned in a grid. (I haven't found the original number for Highway 6 from Cairo to Nyssa, later US 30S.) Only numbers equal to 2 or 3 mod 4 were used to leave room for expansion. 3-51 were given to north-south routes from east to west, while east-west routes were split into four bands, in which they were numbered from north to south: 2-46 west of Highway 1 (30 was skipped because of US 30), 50-70, 74-78, and 82-90. (Note that 8 (0 mod 4) appears on the 1935 map; it was probably originally part of 47 before that route was sent north from Forest Grove on secondary Highway 102.)

A few years later, selected secondary highways (and perhaps certain connecting county roads) received route numbers greater than 200; unlike the primary routes, no numbers were skipped, so later numbers violated the grid. Odd numbers from 201 to 229 were assigned to north-south routes from east to west, and even numbers from 202 to 238 went east-west from north to south.

Maps and logs:

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