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Here are some posts about the history of built & unbuilt freeways in the Kansas City, MO\KS area.

The Ghostbuster:
I find the Route 735 proposal to be interesting. Maybe traffic would have used it to bypass and relieve congestion on the existing downtown freeways. And that route paralleling the US 71 Bruce R. Watkins Drive Freeway might have helped too. Alas, like every other city, Kansas City will have to make do with what freeways they already have.

It seems like MoDOT used to have an obsession with 7x5 numbering for freeways. I-170 used to be MO 725. Of course, there was MO 755/I-755 proposed back then too, and now first time I heard about MO 735.

Revive 755:
Based on a map on Page 19 of 168 of a 1975 DEIS ( for widening I-70 in Kansas between I-435 and I-670), it appears the MO 152 freeway was going to be part of an extension of MO 7.

I don't know where you're getting that MO 152 was supposed to be a MO 7 extension. MO 7 is north-south, and MO 152 is east-west, and it wouldn't make sense for MO 7 to make an abrupt turn like that. It would also have had to find a way to hop over the river. The proposed MO 152 freeway is marked as the "Proposed Route T". MO 152 continues west of I-435 as Route T, and this was probably where it got that name.


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