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Oregon bill would let motorcycles lane share

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--- Quote from: 81st Oregon Legislative Assembly 2021 Regular Session ---SB 574 STAFF MEASURE SUMMARY

Allows persons operating a motorcycle to travel between lanes of traffic under certain conditions.

[...]  Senate Bill 574 creates a conditional exemption to the violation of motorcycle or moped unlawful passing in a lane
with a vehicle. In situations where traffic is either stopped or has slowed to a speed of 10 miles per hour or less, a
person operating a two-wheeled motorcycle may pass the stopped or slowed vehicle under the following
conditions: they travel no more than 10 miles per hour above the speed of traffic; they do not impede normal
movement of traffic; and they merge with regular traffic flow once the speed of traffic exceeds 10 miles per hour.
The exemption applies only on interstate highways or roads with designated speed of 50 miles per hour or higher
with two or more lanes in a single direction, and does not apply in certain school zones. The measure also does
not permit operating a motorcycle on the road shoulder (to the right of the far right lane), or on the center line (to
the left of the left-most lane).

--- End quote ---


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