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Ramp Stubs/Unused Highways in Washington

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--- Quote from: stevashe on April 22, 2021, 06:15:47 PM ---Just stumbled across a ramp as I was browsing google maps but since it's just closed as opposed to being a stub I'll post here since it fits better.

It's at the 509 interchange with S Cloverdale St:,-122.3334963,375m/data=!3m1!1e3

Interestingly, old streetview shows a sign in the gore identifying it as a "Restricted Ramp" but there is no indication of what the restriction was that I can see. What's more, the ramp simply merges back to 509, so it doesn't seem particularly useful. The only thing it accomplishes is a small queue jump if traffic is backed up on the mainline. Does anyone have any idea what this ramp may have been for?

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That was mentioned in an old Metro document I saw at some point (but which I can't find right now), and it was intended as a bus queue jump to be used when the bridge was up. I can't imagine it would have been very helpful, and there aren't even any buses using that section of SR 509 anymore as far as I can tell.


--- Quote from: ErmineNotyours on April 24, 2021, 11:33:54 PM ---Another now-rare stub around here is the Sea-Tac Airport freeway northbound lanes, abandoned after wrapping those lanes around Link light rail.  It also turned a former onramp into an offramp.  Gee, that's not confusing.  :confused:

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As I call it, the running of the gigantic two-level roundabout that used to be Sea-Tac.  There was literally no reason for them to do that.
There are so many lost and abandoned ramps at Sea-Tac.  Also, the "temporary" overpass/exit on the West Side of the Airport, from the 3rd Runway construction, which was never removed.


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