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Also be prepared for short-notice wildfire detours.

Had two of them on a trip I did to Yellowstone/Glacier a number of years back.  One was near Jackson WY and the other was US 16 between Newcastle WY and Custer SD

T-minus one day until the trip commences. This time tomorrow (as I type) I will be on the way to Lexington for a doctor's appointment, after which I head to my brother's to start the journey.

At least it looks like I-70 in Glenwood Canyon will be back open, although I'm sure the scenic nature of the area will be affected by the slide and the ongoing construction work. This probably means no new counties in Colorado (or New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, or any of the other states that would have been impacted by an alternate route) unless we hit something in the northwestern part of the state if we go to Dinosaur.

North Dakota and Montana will be new states for me. That will put me up to 46 total (lacking only Washington and Oregon in the lower 48, and obviously Alaska and Hawaii to round out the 50). I'll get new counties in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho and Utah, and possibly Colorado. The only non-state route clinch I foresee is US 2 in North Dakota (owing to the route's second foray into Wisconsin, which we'll miss, and the closure mentioned upthread in Minnesota). Possibly US 163, depending on how much of it we end up driving.


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--- Quote from: hbelkins on July 16, 2021, 01:52:02 PM ---Heck, I think you can still find some Oklahoma circles that haven't been replaced by meat cleavers in some places.

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Maybe if you go alignment hunting or something. I haven't seen a standalone one posted on an active highway in years. Any stragglers are things like town installs, JCT signs on non-state-highway cross roads that ODOT forgot they even put up, and odd-sized markers on LGSes that are presumably too much of a pain to patch over.

--- Quote from: hbelkins on August 01, 2021, 10:47:14 PM ---Trying to get to the Oklahoma panhandle somehow is intriguing. But on the map, US 64 to the Taos area doesn't look like an exceptionally fast route. And then once in the panhandle, there's the matter of quick access to I-44.

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The Oklahoma panhandle is interesting for county-counting purposes, but that's about it. Otherwise, you're likely to find it less appealing than In-N-Out; it is by far the least interesting part of the state, and the main east-west access is a two-lane slog. I-44 access from that general area is probably best achieved by taking US-412 across the state and picking it up in Tulsa; this would let you see the Glass Mountains (the only interesting geological construct anywhere near the area) and would also net you the Cimarron Turnpike, which is the western half of the proposed Enid-to-Springdale interstate.

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I'm sure it gets worse east of Boise City, but western Cimarron County actually has some fascinating terrain. I hiked Black Mesa a few months ago and very much enjoyed seeing the New Mexico-style plateau/mesa country in Oklahoma. SH 325 was a fun clinch.

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Oh, yes, SH-325 is an excellent drive. But part of what makes it so excellent is that there isn't another highway like it in the whole state. That sort of terrain stops at Boise City. By the time you get to Texas County, it's mostly flat-as-a-pancake Great Plains scenery.


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on August 13, 2021, 01:41:00 PM ---By the time you get to Texas County, it's mostly flat-as-a-pancake Great Plains Illinois scenery.

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Sorry, had to do it...I'll show myself out.

Figured I'd put this here instead of one of the trip summary threads.

This is a compilation of scenery photos. It's a slideshow and I did put a musical backdrop in it to provide entertainment while sitting through 12 minutes of photos. These are mostly not road-related, although I did put some pics of the US 95 corridor in the Salmon/Little Salmon valleys because it was a scenic area. I also put the Glenwood Canyon pictures in there as well.

That Dropbox link should be open to the general public.


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