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Hello Everyone from Central Kentucky.

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Hello Everyone from Kentucky,
I'm a road geek that enjoys road maps (old and new), road trips, looking at old pictures of highways, and building models of cities and highways using legos and hot wheels.  I also enjoy playing SimCity 4.  The Bluegrass Parkway and I 65 are my favorite highways in Kentucky.

With the ongoing widening of the KY 55/US 68 in my area, as the part of the Heartland Parkway Project.  I'm currently doing research finding information on past history of major road projects done in my area. 

Welcome to the forum, fellow Kentuckian!

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Greetings from Florida!

Greetings and welcome from a half-Illinoisan/half-Wisconsinite.  :biggrin:

--- Quote from: XamotCGC on June 30, 2021, 02:42:01 AM ---I also enjoy playing SimCity 4.

--- End quote ---

Have you tried Cities: Skylines? Or are you more of just an old-school fan? Either way, we do have a thread about it here.


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