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Original US-141 in Wisconsin


Today I had some time to drive the original US-141 between Manitowoc and Sheboygan.  It was my last trip capturing all of the original routing between Milwaukee and Green Bay. 

What is fascinating about this route is that it is only 30 miles between the two cities, but takes an odd route.

From Manitowoc...

*South on current County CR
*West on County C
*South on Center Road
*West on County F
*South on Westview Road
*Straight south onto Dairyland Road
*East on County FF
*South on Lakeshore into Sheboygan

By the 1970s, this routing was replaced with a much more direct routing using County CR, parts of current I-43 and Dairyland Road.  The section between County C and Dairyland became County N, but are now simply local roads and/or county highways with the sweeping turns replaced with simple intersections.  And its hard to believe the Center Road and Westview Road portions used to be a US Highway!


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