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Five highways you want to drive in your lifetime

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Simple enough question: What five highways do you want to drive in your lifetime? For me:

-Blue Ridge Parkway in its entirety

-I-95 in its entirety

-US 6/50 through Nevada

-I-40 in its entirety

-I-90 in its entirety

What's so special about i-40?

Pixel 5

Max Rockatansky:
What comes to mind off the top of my head.  Iím equally inclined to try some of these on a mountain bike, OHV vehicle or just plain old hiking:

1.  The Yungas Road
2.  Highway 1 Australia
3.  The Trans-Siberian Highway
4.  The Trans-Canada Highway
5.  Black Bear Pass Road

Max Rockatansky:
Some of my wish list just for California which I havenít done yet:

-  The Bradshaw Trail
-  Titus Canyon Road
-  The entirety of White Mountain Road
-  Rock Creek Road
-  Mendocino Pass Road


--- Quote from: silverback1065 on July 05, 2021, 04:54:30 PM ---What's so special about i-40?

Pixel 5

--- End quote ---

It's probably among the more interesting of the x0s. Actually makes it to coastal states on both ends, unlike 20 or 30, probably more interesting scenery than 10 or 80, doesn't send you through the congested northeast like 90. I want to clinch it sometime too (I'm a little over halfway there at this point).


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