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Rant: Why aren't Michigan lefts the standard on new arterial streets?

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--- Quote from: tradephoric on August 18, 2021, 12:38:23 AM ---After 20 minutes cruising down Woodward Avenue you are about 6 miles ahead of the guy cruising down US 192 in Kissimmee.

--- End quote ---

US 192 is an orange-picked example; loads of wide intersections, lots more tourist traffic, ginormous distractions, and no timing of lights (something Michigan does well at).

Kissimmee is the worst type of example because it excels T-shirt shops and lots of timeshares. Pretty sure putting in a bunch of Michigan Lefts there would just create more uncontrolled U-turns into what appears to be much more traffic for which traffic light timing is an afterthought.

In regards to Florida, they originally had plans to build a Median U-turn at Rinehart Rd & Co Rd 46A as part of the I-4 "Beyond the Ultimate" project.  It sounds like that project is getting scaled back/delayed so we will see if they actually build it or not.  Here was an aerial rendering of the intersection they had originally planned:

Also, it looks like Pinellas County leaders are considering a Median U-turn at Gulf to Bay Boulevard and Belcher Road.  They were receiving public input on the plan back in September of last year.  Here is a rendering to that project:

County to take traffic solution for Gulf to Bay intersection on test drive

Found a youtube video that includes a model of the Gulf to Bay Boulevard Median U-turn that is being considered:



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