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Canada to reopen borders to nonessential travel- first to Americans

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I'm now in college, which is 300 km away from home, which means that if I wanted to cross the border, it'll be a different crossing than what I would be crossing at home. I'm quite curious how it is on this part of the border compared to busy Niagara Falls crossings. I also would like to visit some new places I never have been. (the town across this border is Watertown, NY) I'd also like to clinch some new roads lol. I had planned to make a trip over the border some time, but the border is still closed. :/

The US border is opening on Nov. 8 for fully vaccinated travellers! No COVID test required upon entry at land borders, but they'll still be required for entering the US via plane.


For now it sounds like you will need a test to return to Canada, though.


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