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2021 Road Trip Plans

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Max Rockatansky:
One more I forgotů  We are also working on something for Michigan-DC for early October.

I just came home from a weekend in Missouri (with dips into Illinois and Kansas). I watched baseball games in KC and STL and clinched several 3dis in both metros (470 in Topeka; 435, 635, 670 in KC; 170, 255, 270 in STL) along with finishing I-70 in KS and MO, and clinching I-172 and US 218.

Thinking of the following:

Early August - three day weekend, western Maryland (Cumberland, Frostburg)
Early September - maybe a week - Outer Banks (NC)
Late December - annual trip to Florida over Christmas & New Year's.

Maybe another one if I feel like it.

Not only for sightseeing, but some roadgeeking as well.  Adding to my clinched highways and counties, improving my "lowest route number not traveled" (currently 135, hope to get to 148).

Once I got a dependable vehicle running, I've done a handful of trips already this year. Most were just day trips, but a couple involved overnight stays.

I've mentioned my big upcoming trip to Montana-Idaho-Utah with my brother that is on tap for next month, but there are a couple of others I want to do, but they may end up waiting until fall. I'm planning on going to check out the new US 35 in West Virginia when it's opened to traffic (I could do that in a day, but will probably make at least one overnight stay out of it). I also want to go out to western Kentucky and see the new KY 80 southern bypass of Mayfield, the reconstructed US 45/Bypass 45 intersection, and the upgraded Bypass 45/Purchase Parkway (I-69) interchange, and might squeeze a jaunt down to Union City to see Tennessee's progress on new I-69 construction while I'm in the area.

I've been trying to work a trip to see what's going on with Kentucky's "Heartland Parkway" corridor and the new Corridor J (TN 52 between Celina and Livingston) alignment, but I keep sleeping in on weekend days and it gets too late for me to venture out when I finally do get up and around.


--- Quote from: cabiness42 on July 21, 2021, 06:37:44 PM ---As for a route, if you're avoiding tolls you can take US 36->I-172->IL 110->I-74->I-80

If you're hotel is downtown, you can use I-80->I-57->I-94.

If you're in a western suburb, you can use I-80->I-55 and then IL 53, IL 83, or LaGrange Rd depending on how far out.

--- End quote ---

I have my eye on a hotel near Rosemont.  So, coming from I-55, I think I'd probably take Route 83 up to Irving Park Road over to Mannheim.  That route has served me well in the past, even during rush hour, starting from around Saint Charles Road.  It's just the part south of about Oakbrook that I'm not so familiar with.


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