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Road features you wish are used more in your state

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Thought this have been a thread before, but nothing have come up in search results...

For Ohio:
- APL Signage. I'm really liking this partial APL style used in Michigan.
- FYA signals
- SPUI interchanges
- Dogbone interchanges
- DDI interchanges
- Side-mounted signals
- "Freeway Entrance" signs, accompanied with downward pointing arrows with route shields that the state already uses a bit.
- Enhanced mile markers on rural freeways and expressways
- Exit numbers on more non-interstate freeways and expressways

- Thermoplastic road markings.
- Signage on overpasses identifying the road on the overpass.

Big John:
If backplates are used, make sure yellow reflective borders are used.

For South Carolina:
* Smooth pavement
* Mile markers every 2/10 of a mile on freeways
* Roadway lighting on freeways in the Columbia and York County areas (practically nonexistent)
* Bridge deck preservation by means of fog sealing, or reconstruction by means of concrete resurfacing/grouting (whatever NC is doing now in various places in the Charlotte area)
* Smooth pavement

For NY:
Mile-based exit numbers
Speed limits of 60 or 70
Exit numbers on non-interstate roads (they're prevalent downstate, but not common upstate, outside of future interstates and interstate extensions)


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