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Hi, I joined your forum to discuss and learn more about the original alignments of roads in the United States and around the world especially <1929 auto trails and the wagon roads that preceded them. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know. My (ever patient) wife and I are always looking for the next adventure along a long forgotten trail.

Welcome from Massachusetts!

What is the YT?


--- Quote from: 1 on July 31, 2021, 11:15:19 AM ---Welcome from Massachusetts!

What is the YT?

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Either Youtube or Yukon, both are possible.

To the op, Welcome from Southwest Ohio!

The YT Iím referring to is the Yellowstone Trail an early auto trail between Plymouth Rock and Puget Sound.

Ah yes, the old Yellowstone Trail. Iíve never really been on it, though. Came close to it in/near Chicago, however.

Welcome from Florida!

EDIT: I actually should note that Iíve been to Plymouth (and its rock). Guess that means that I hit it (the trail) twice.

EDIT: Iíve been on it in Upstate NY. Just not continuously (in particular, the portions in and around Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester).

EDIT: I apparently crossed paths with it in the Springfield MA area.


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