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Boston Traffic Reporter/Blogger Defends Use of '128' moniker

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Today's Roads and Rails blog at (the Boston Globe's free site) is partly a response to a comment I sent to the blogger and traffic reporter, Nicole Davis, last week regarding a previous post of her's commenting on the confusion the use  of '128' by traffic reporters has for some drivers, especially when its applied to the stretch between Braintree and Canton, not officially part of 128 for more than 2 decades now. I suggested maybe there would be less confusion out there if traffic reporters and others referred to it as it is actually signed today, I-93 (or I-93/US 1). Her response was not unexpected:

 :banghead:  This seems like a losing battle.  No wonder New York uses names for a good number of their expwys and pkwys...doesn't matter what you name it numerically, people will always refer to it by the correct name!  In this day and age of GPS (which will refer to the correct route numbers), I think that the local traffic reporters/media do have a responsibility to stay consistent.

Good post Bob...glad you wrote into that blog!

and you wonder why the mainstream media is dying.

this person, and the one who wrote the op-ed piece that there is too much jargon in the transportation industry, should get stuck in an elevator together for several decades.

Retaining the 128 moniker is about as useful as referring to Interstate 476 as the Blue Route. You won't find it signed anywhere, but traffic reporters have always used the nomenclature when referring to the freeway. Losing battle indeed as southshore270 posted and I also agree with him on your comment.

Ah! Nichole Davis! Sounds familiar to me. So does Malcolm Alter. You hear both of them at times on WDRC-FM 102.9 in Hartford. I swear I heard Malcolm slip one time, in his distinct way of saying "Route 91" (I-91). He started to say "Route 93".

We're a number-happy area...except for CT Route 99 from the Hartford/Wethersfield line to Cromwell. For some reason, traffic reporters will insist on referring to that road only as the Silas Deane Highway.

As for 128, it really irritates me when it's used on its own between Peabody and Canton. In my own notes, I will mark it only as I-95/MA 128.


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