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Boston Traffic Reporter/Blogger Defends Use of '128' moniker

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I-95 should use 91-15-84-90-495. Bring back 128.

jp the roadgeek:

--- Quote from: KEVIN_224 on September 14, 2012, 09:36:14 PM ---Ah! Nichole Davis! Sounds familiar to me. So does Malcolm Alter. You hear both of them at times on WDRC-FM 102.9 in Hartford. I swear I heard Malcolm slip one time, in his distinct way of saying "Route 91" (I-91). He started to say "Route 93".

We're a number-happy area...except for CT Route 99 from the Hartford/Wethersfield line to Cromwell. For some reason, traffic reporters will insist on referring to that road only as the Silas Deane Highway.
--- End quote ---

And they'll always refer to Routes 5 and 15 from Wethersfield to Meriden as The Berlin Turnpike, and the highway section to the north and the Charter Oak Bridge as only Route 15.  Route 5 does not exist for traffic report purposes between the end of North Broad St in Meriden and Main St. in East Hartford.  Plus, Route 202 might as well not exist beyond Five Corners in Canton (always Route 44 or Route 10).

Well, it's an interesting article, if only for sentimental reasons. After all, I-95 was originally planned to go through Boston instead of around it, and everyone knows how that ended...unbuilt, thanks to vehement opposition to the many expressways in the area.


--- Quote from: jp the roadgeek on September 14, 2012, 11:11:29 PM ---Plus, Route 202 might as well not exist beyond Five Corners in Canton (always Route 44 or Route 10).

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Is there really a Route 202 in CT? For that matter, it's not even state maintained in NJ north of 53. I'd truncate US 202 at US 5 in Springfield. You have 10 and 44 from there (and 7 and 6 later). In NY, revert it back to state routes. In NJ it would become 53. US 122 would then begin at US 22/206 as it used to. (It's not fictional, it's historical, so I get to have it.)


--- Quote from: southshore720 on September 14, 2012, 02:36:51 PM --- :banghead:  This seems like a losing battle.  No wonder New York uses names for a good number of their expwys and pkwys...doesn't matter what you name it numerically, people will always refer to it by the correct name!

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I assume you mean incorrect name...


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