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TRIVIA NIGHT results and host registration

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If you aren't in there, this is what you are missing out on.

I'd like to congratulate NE2 as the winner of our inaugural trivia chat, with 29 points! (That's a lot.) He really cleaned up on his Minneapolis-St. Paul freeway knowledge. Right behind him was corco with 27 points, and to show how much of a race it was, next was Dr Frankenstein with just 7 points. Props to ZMapper, PennDOTFan, Stalin, Alex, and mgk920 for joining us and all finishing with a positive number of points as well - no one in the negative, that's a first!

If you'd like to host next time, please RSVP your spot here. I'm happy to give some pointers, but you can play with the format as you like. I'll tweak the rules here shortly based on lessons learned today. Also, we may have solved the spam message.

Dr Frankenstein:
Had Québec not been in the trivia, I would have been deep in the negative.

Now I need to work on my reaction time. I would've gotten a better score with that. :p

I'd be interested in hosting the next one if that's alright.


--- Quote from: PennDOTFan on February 14, 2013, 09:15:25 AM ---I'd be interested in hosting the next one if that's alright.

--- End quote ---
You got it. All yours.


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