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Mini Trivia Nite Number 2: Monday June 22nd

Started by yanksfan6129, June 22, 2009, 04:53:21 PM

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Come one, come all to the 2nd mini Trivia Chat Night on Monday, June 22nd. This will be at 10:00 Eastern Time.


1. A quick and fulfilling trivia experience.

2. Super Special Summer Time: Late-Nite Trivia! Starting at TEN PM (1 hour later then the average trivia!).

So . . . .

Come on down to the SECOND MINI TRIVIA NIGHT!!! JUNE 22ND at 10:00 EASTERN! (yes, those caps do mean that I am screaming!!).

We will have a maximum of 25 questions, and your host (me!) will keep it moving at a nice-n-quick speed.


AlpsROADS    8
74/171FAN    1
CityBoy1986   1
DanTheMan    1
njroadhorse   0
BigMatt        0
rawmustard   -1
Master_son  -2

And whoever guessed I-10 as 879 miles long in Texas gets +2.


And whoever guessed I-10 as 879 miles long in Texas gets +2.

That was me!  :sombrero:  Woohoo! +2 final score!
NJ Roads FTW!
Quote from: agentsteel53 on September 30, 2009, 04:04:11 PM
I-99... the Glen Quagmire of interstate routes??


Then how come I-10 in TX goes up to exit 880?


Good question.

Exit 880 happens to be the the Sabine River Turnaround.


The descrepancy probably comes from the fact that the certified miles of I-10 (878.6) doesn't include the 2 mile multiplex with I-35.




Google Maps says 880 miles total (rounding to nearest 1).  It's just over a mile from Exit 878 to the border.  I could certainly believe Wikipedia is wrong.  But the multiplex is 2.2 miles, which does suggest 881 as the correct overall length.  No idea how to rectify this.  Good thing this is only mini-trivia!


doesn't it also go down to exit 00 in El Paso, or is that another route that I'm confusing it with?
live from sunny San Diego.


There is an Exit 0 on I-10. It is for the town of Anthony, which strattles the Texas/New Nexico Border.


where's the 00 then?  I swear it's in Texas somewhere - they had an exit 0 and then they extended the road slightly, and put in one more exit ...
live from sunny San Diego.



The Exit 00 is in another thread.  One road begins at Exit 0.  Another road begins right away from that road and has its own Exit 0.  To avoid confusion, it became 00.  I want to say Oklahoma though.  Check the topics.


I should get 1 point for pointing out the whole I-10 in Texas thing

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