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Anybody know why I-910 was never signed?

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Everytime I pass this sign I wonder how many tourist or thru-motorist have to wonder which U.S. 90 to take. Especially now that both panels say West 90 and I think Business is either to the side or under the 90.

On U.S. 90 eastbound you get to a pull through for East U.S. 90 New Orleans for through lanes and the exit panel says East U.S. 90 Business New Orleans next right.
they could have at least changed the control cities.

furthermore, isn't BUS US 90 a higher-grade expressway than regular US 90?  Or did I get confused the last time I was there due to poor signage?  I could've sworn regular US-90 had more traffic lights than BUS US 90.

Yeah, U.S. 90 Bus. is basically waiting for I-49 to be connected.  I think it's the highest grade expressway in the entire metro, except for maybe the new stretch of I-10 which is extremely rough to be new. The regular U.S. 90 probably has more traffic lights and turns than any street in the area.

so I didn't get utterly confused.  They should call it BYPASS 90, in that case!

It's officially I-910. Just not signed.


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