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Was the really long I-76 Colorado business loop retired?

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I noticed driving around Sterling/Fort Morgan a few months ago that there was no signage at all for the notoriously long business loop between Sterling and Fort Morgan, and comparing some of my and Google Street Views photos with AARoads and other photos that all the business loop signage has been removed.

Has anybody heard about this?

If this is the case, that's a bummer, because that was a hilariously long business loop, but I suppose it didn't really serve the purpose that business loops are supposed to

Yes, it was retired... or at least the signs were removed in 2007.  I have a little more information on this page:

Major bummer, and I had it added to the Universal Map atlas too! Just another error among hundreds now...

So I finally got a chance to drive US-6 from Sterling to Brush yesterday. Once you get outside of Atwood, the business loop signs reappear. And what's weirder is that it looks like they've replaced the old E signs with Business Spur 76 signs. Almost every old Series-E Business Loop sign has been replaced with a Business Spur sign (there's still two hanging out). The Loop signage resumes in Brush once it gets on 34 Spur. Unfortunately, these seem to be the only signs in Colorado that don't have a date stamp somewhere on them.

So the way it is signed right now from west to east is Loop in Fort Morgan following 34, stays Loop to Brush, Loop follows 34 Spur, then it turns into I-76 Business Spur where it joins US-6, and then stays as Business Spur until Atwood, where all business signs disappear. So the way it's signed in the field it's basically just a long pointless Business Spur from Brush to Atwood.

This is weird.

So is there no business loop signed into Sterling anymore from WB I-76 at Exit 125?


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