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--- Quote from: TMETSJETSYT on November 15, 2022, 10:15:57 AM ---I-287 End Sign
Henry Hudson Parkway End Sign
(Because I don't know how to insert an image)

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I'd recommend setting up an account over at Imgur and uploading your photos there. It's incredibly easy if all you want to do is share a few photos here or there. If you want something more comprehensive, many members prefer Flickr.

Here are three from Michigan, from Sep 2022:

US 2 in St Ignace (Upper Peninsula)

MI 185 on Mackinac Island, "sort of" an end sign on this loop road.
Well marked on maps; this is the only roadside sign I found.
This is the only state route anywhere I have clinched by riding a bicycle.

MI 37 near Old Mission Lighthouse (Lower Peninsula)

Three from Riverside County, California, all on 11-18-22:

CA 243 end at CA 74

CA 371 (east end) at CA 74.  I don't know what a DOT Census Station is.

CA 371 (west end) at CA 79

I-41 South:

WI-39 East:

WI-92 East:

PA 516 ends at the Maryland border MD 86:


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