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Picked up a few new ones on my trip yesterday. After years of hearing about it, I finally clinched I-180 in Illinois. It's a surreal experience to see an Interstate so empty. It was especially crazy going through the trumpet interchange with the road to IL-29. I think I was the only car at that time in the entire thing! It was cool and I'm glad I got to see it before it one day, inevitably gets downgraded.

I-180 (IL), South

I-355 (IL), South

IL-351, North

Got some new pictures from my recent trip.

AZ 80 Westbound

AZ 83 Southbound

AZ 92 Westbound

North end of M-13 at US-23 in Standish.

The end of US 24 just outside of Clarkston, Michigan.


--- Quote from: Flint1979 on April 09, 2023, 10:30:35 AM ---The end of US 24 just outside of Clarkston, Michigan.

--- End quote ---

Perfect place for some unexpected patina.


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