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Highway 401 in Ontario - busiest freeway in the world

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the completion of the original stretch of Highway 401, Windsor to Québec.

Weekly Ontario Historical Highway Trivia:

Did you know?

The final gap in Hwy 401 was completed and opened to traffic 50 years ago this week, on Friday, October 11, 1968.  The official opening took place near Mallorytown, between the Hwy 137 Interchange at Ivy Lea and the Hwy 2
Interchange in Brockville.  The dream of building a divided highway from Windsor all the way to the Quebec Boundary was 3 decades in the making.  The first construction contract for Hwy 401 was awarded for the Toronto-Oshawa section of the highway back in 1938.  This new 510-mile freeway revolutionized highway travel in Ontario, by allowing through traffic to bypass the congested sections of Hwy 2 which passed through the various towns and cities across the province.

How the 401 got so busy


A Typical Day on the 401


Lane doubling west of Toronto now completed.

Timelapse of the Milton-Mississauga widening



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