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And here is an aerial image of the bridge from 6 days ago (its the one in the middle part of the photograph).

Rand not showing the extension of the DNT still is pretty bad, that extension opened by October 2007.

Stephane Dumas:
Another project on the pipeline, the "East Branch", an extension of the Bush turnpike to I-20 reffered as TX-190

Edit: sorry for a late editing but I forgotted to mention the urls

Also noteworthy, I read that SH 161 opened on August 2nd between SH 183 and I-30 in Grand Prairie. It's a toll road, but it doesn't seem to be a direct extension of the President George Bush Turnpike.

Stephane Dumas:
that's a good news to hear  :cool:

TX-161 act more as a spur of the PGB Tpk, they have once a bigger plans for it and it might be revived as Loop 9 I heard then TX-170 was also planned to be a gap of Loop 9

TX-360 will have a southern extension south of I-20 as a tollway

Wow, I guess even the freeway networks are bigger in Texas.  :-D

Do you know when the TX-360 project will start?


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