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--- Quote from: MikieTimT ---It's now officially designated to AR-91/Dan Ave.
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Funny thing: Google Earth has already applied the update. Visually it makes more sense for I-555 to extend NW that last bit to the edge of Jonesboro where the freeway ends.

--- Quote from: wdcrft63 ---What are the chances I-555 will be extended to the projected I-57?
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I think chances are slim, but not totally impossible. The problem is the obstacles North of the I-555/AR-91 exit. The road narrows to an undivided 4-lane facility closely flanked by properties. That would likely force an I-555 extension onto a new terrain path. The US-63 bypass around Bono is also problematic, mainly at its split with Bus-63 on the South side of Bono. North of that problem spot, a freeway upgrade of US-63 would be pretty easy.

The other bigger problem is Arkansas already has too many irons in the fire with regard to other Interstate corridors. Finishing I-57 and I-49 are bigger priorities. Perhaps if Missouri was more aggressive at upgrading US-60 to Interstate standards from Springfield to Sikeston that might give Arkansas more of a reason to upgrade the US-63 corridor from Jonesboro to Walnut Ridge and up to Mammoth Spring at the border. US-63 in Missouri from Thayer up to West Plains has upgrade potential. But I think that hinges on US-60 being Interstate quality across Southern Missouri first. If such a larger scale upgrade of US-63 from Jonesboro up to West Plains were to happen the I-555 designation might be dropped in favor of a 2 digit designation.


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