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--- Quote from: Bobby5280 on September 23, 2018, 06:12:39 PM ---The official end of I-555 is actually at the Southwest Drive exit in Jonesboro, where it intersects US-49. It doesn't end where the freeway ends a couple or so miles Northwest.
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The extension to AR91 was approved by AASHTO in spring 2016:

^ Doesn't mean that FHWA accepted it, especially considering there's no letter of concurrence from FHWA in AHTD's application.  The lack of signage beyond US 49 also suggests that FHWA has not approved it yet.

Interesting... is it common for AASHTO to approve Interstate applications without FHWA acceptance/concurrence?

No, but it's not unheard of.  Usually in such cases, AASHTO gives conditional approval instead of full approval.  Could also be that there are new committee members...haven't looked at that in detail.

It's possible there's some correspondence with FHWA that hasn't been made public yet.  But the lack of signs up to AR 91 is also an indicator.

Again (for this forum), it should be noted that when it comes to Interstate highways, the only thing AASHTO actually approves is the route number.  FHWA has final say on when a given segment is actually added to the Interstate system.

I checked the official maps from ArDOT for Craigshead County.

Noted in clear text on the map was "End of I-555" at the intersection with US-49N (Stadium Blvd.)

Google Maps has it ending at AR-91 (Dan Ave.) based on the AASHTO letter.

I am still researching it locally.

I don't want to wonder off into fictional too far, but one response was that I-555 would go west at County-114 and hit the future I-57 via Winesburg.  That it wouldn't go to Walnut Ridge-Hoxie at all, and replace AR-226 as the Jonesboro feeder from the west.  That surprised me somewhat because I assumed they would just extend it up to the NW and over CO-114 (Gainesville Road) and bring it back somewhere near Bono.

Supposedly, this is why I-555 "ends" at US-49, (instead of AR-91) that they don't intend to keep it aligned to US-63 in the future.

It's all speculative for now, but it is interesting that the ArDOT shows it different than everyone else.


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