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I -40 Hernando Desoto Bridge at Memphis shutdown

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--- Quote from: MikieTimT on January 05, 2022, 05:14:22 PM ---Hopefully this one gets done thoroughly, and hopefully there's not major issues that need uncovering this time!

Routine Bridge Inspection of the Interstate 40 Mississippi River Bridge

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My thinking is this inspection will be anything other than ROUTINE.

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I'd be interested to learn what they changed in their "routine" from the last time they did a "routine" inspection of the bridge.  There's a few more eyes on them this time around, so I'm sure there won't be missed fracture critical members going forward, at least for a while.  Seems like it'd be beneficial to use drones with appropriate imaging for the areas that the snoopers can't reach, or as a 2nd check of the areas that the snoopers can reach as a confirmation.

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Rules say everything must be inspected by direct eye sight. Drone is not an acceptable alternative.
I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. 

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Can they use a boat or a barge on the river with a tall boom or lift, or would that be too unstable due to normal river currents?

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They can get there by walking the steel. I am not suggesting free walking. I am talking about limited tethered walking. If ARDOT personnel cannot be trained to do it, then yes, hire a consultant who has the skills and training to do it. You could do it using a crane, but it would be significantly less expensive to have someone access it from the deck outside the snooper.

I am not sure there are not some snoopers with longer booms too.

More inspections next week by contractors and ARDOT personnel on the bridge to evaluate the effectiveness of the repairs.  Here's hoping there's no drama this time around either.

Inspection of Interstate 40 Mississippi River Bridge to Cause Lane Closures


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