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What European countries have distance-based exit numbers on their freeways?


I was just thinking: what European countries, if any, use distance-based freeway exit numbers, as is most common in the US and Canada? I believe there are some freeways in Spain that have them, and I think the Netherlands might use distance-based as well. From what I know, sequential numbers appear to be the norm across the continent; I know that exit numbers in the UK, France, and Germany are all sequential, whereas Italy doesnít number exits at all (aside from beltways). Iím not sure about other countries, but it seems that across Europe, distance-based exit numbers are more of the exception than the rule. Can anyone fill me in on this?

english si:
Spain, save Catalonia (which has resisted the transition somewhat, not least as it would have 4-digit exit numbers) and maybe a couple of other exits that haven't had signs changed is entirely distance based.

Poland had a few but went with sequential exits instead. I think all but one or two exits have been resigned.

Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria, off the the top of my head use distance-based numbering.

Newer build networks tend to be distance based, older ones sequential.

The Netherlands has a sequential system. Freeway-to-freeway interchanges are not numbered, as it is considered to be a location where you cannot exit the freeway system.

Germany also has a sequential system, if a route starts at a border, then that border crossing is Exit #1. Freeway-to-freeway interchanges are numbered.

Spain uses mainly a distance-based exit numbering, except on (formerly) tolled autopistas, which are sequential. 4-digit exit numbers do exist on A-7 in Catalonia.

Austria, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary use a distance-based exit numbering.

Denmark and Sweden are sequential

Belgium and Luxemburg are sequential

Slovenia and Croatia are sequential

Switzerland is sequential

Portugal is sequential


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