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Rural Freeways That Need Six Lanes

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--- Quote from: CoreySamson on December 09, 2022, 02:43:15 PM ---Just drove I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis yesterday and it is so much worse than I remembered. There were several mile-long slowdowns simply because of the overall truck volume. The merge down to one lane approaching the I-55 multiplex was particularly bad in that regard. There had to be more trucks than cars at certain points. And I got stuck for over an hour behind what I assume was a huge accident. The new 75 mph speed limit helps, though. Three lanes in each direction can't come quickly enough.

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US 70 is a good alternative.

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You must be trolling.  Alternative?  That adds an hour to the trip, and that's when there isn't farm equipment plugging up the works.  Only time I've ever been on US-70 was due to a detour brought on by an accident.

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I just looked on Google Maps and put in avoid highways. This is the route they say to take from Memphis to Little Rock.

Start out on US-61 south, then take US-49 north to US-79 south to Stuttgart then take US-165 to US-70. That would add on about 50 miles and an hour and a half to the trip.

^ Well yeah, according to our expert, Avalanchez71, a route that is 2 hours longer with no congestion is reason the main route should not be addressed at all.


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