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Max Rockatansky:
We launched a new Covered Bridge directory page on Gribblenation tonight.  There is quite a bit of Covered Bridge blog entries on Gribblenation, now they can be found in one place:

Dirt Roads:
The interesting stories that you get to read when researching genealogy:

I was recently reading a story about the famed civil engineer Lemuel Chenoweth from (then) western Virginia.  He travelled to Richmond to present a mock-up of a strange covered bridge design that he was hoping to the sell to the Virginia General Assembly for the construction of smaller bridges what is now North-Central West Virginia.  He wasn't getting many folks viewing his design, so he grabbed two folding chairs and placed the bridge across them.  Then he climbed up on his model and walked across, asking the crowd to check and see if there was any deflection.  Then he demanded that the other engineers do the same with their models.  Seeing no takers, the General Assembly approved his design and he got the contract.

Of course, Lemuel Chenoweth is better known for constructing the twin-barrel Philippi Covered Bridge over the Tygart Valley River that was built in 1852.  After surviving the Civil War, it is now the only remaining covered bridge on the U.S. Highway System.  Adam Prince does the story well:;topic=32000.0;last_msg=2762149

Woah they are some cool bridges to be on if it's pedestrian or bike. Yes there are some rare ones for cars though.

Max Rockatansky:
Worth noting, our page in the original post has had a lot of updates since it was published.  Doug has been adding a bunch of new bridges, especially from Canada.


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