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Roads with unfitting road name suffixes

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Weisner Parkway in Methuen MA is a residential street.

I remember an intersection in New York City recently being labeled Sesame Street. An intersection. Not a street.

N/S roads in Lenawee County, MI, are called "Hwy", even if they're just a dirt track.

SP Cook:
- All of Kentucky’s former toll roads are a “parkway”.  While they go through some scenic parts of the state, they are not really parkways.

- One of Charleston’s major suburban roads is the Kanawha Turnpike.  It was never a toll road, AFAIK. 

I know of numerous dead-end roads or small residential roads north of Boston that are "parkways" yet really don't deserve the moniker.

I'll add any "Broadway St" to the list.

Watson Parkway in Danvers, MA. Just a glorified connector from MA 114 to Centre St. Doesn’t feel like a parkway. Also Dalton Parkway in Salem.


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