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i was just wondering some of your guys earliest memories of road trips and what they were like, also, when you figured out you liked to drive more than the average person and actually enjoyed a 24 hour car ride like i do. :D

I remember going to Jefferson City, Missouri, where my parents went to school (Lincoln University). I remember seeing a deer in the rural areas of Tennessee or Kentucky -- it might've been Illinois, near Metropolis. I can't remember, it was awhile ago. The deer ran out in front of the car that my dad, my mother and I were riding in.

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Going to the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. My mom and sister surprised me and as we went through the tunnel, it was foggy on the other side, so I didn't see the bridge until we were almost at it. Then I saw it and yelled "The Golden Gate Bridge!" because I had always wanted to see it and I have always loved the bridge so much.

My earliest long road trip memories were riding from Chicago Illinois to my Grandpa's farm in Greenfield, Ohio several times a year for the first 10 years of my life.

I realized I definitely didn't mind this long, mostly boring drive (interesting from a scenery point of view only from Xenia to Greenfield) as much as other folks seemed to.

I'd say I really realized I loved roads and I loved road trips when I was 12 years old and my older sister graduated from college, bought her own car, and my Dad and I flew out to pick the car we had let her use up (which would become my car through high school and my first year of college and still sits in my Dad's garage).

We drove from Charlotte, NC to Boise, ID in the middle of July in a soft-top Jeep Wrangler with no air conditioning. It was brutally hot. I'll never forget how miserable I-70 across Missouri was- about 85 degrees, humid, with semi-trucks everywhere while in a little 4 cylinder Jeep Wrangler that could barely keep up with the semis.  We put bags of ice on our laps to keep cool. But it was the most awesome time I've ever had in my life. At that time I started taking a really serious interest in roads and I've been "broken" ever since.

My earliest road memories including remembering many of the Eagle signals posted around Newark, Delaware. I also remember a red "FUTURE USE" overhead posted ahead of the future ramp to Interstate 495 north from Interstate 95 north. I also remember the original circle-interchange between U.S. 15 and New York 17 as well.


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