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Bridge replacement British Columbia Route 3


As part of my trip to BC last weekend I passed through works where a truss bridge and railroad crossing are being replaced by two new bridges. The location is here. The new bridges are what I call functional rather than anything of architectural value.

This is the sign announcing the work. As it's now mid-September I think a completion in the next couple of months is optimistic as the road between the two new bridges is missing.

This is the western approach showing the new bridge largely complete and taking a smoother line through the curve than the old one.

This is looking the other way showing the bridge to replace the railroad crossing. The new road is on an embankment here. The old truss bridge over the river is in the distance.

This is closer to the truss bridge and the new bridge is on a slight grade to allow the road to rise gently to the new embankment. The section of the current road in the picture will be beneath the embankment when it is built.

Hope they're not going to demo the old bridge. That one looks pretty neat.

Is that sign in Clearview? It sure looks like it.

Dr Frankenstein:
Yes it is.

That's what I thought. Based on the "3," it looks like 3-B, while the smaller text might be 2-B.

I only brought it up because it's one of the few signs I've seen that is fully Clearview'd.


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