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Here is the chance to vent some road rage.  I figured this might fit best into this area of the forum.

That said, here is your chance to open up and say what about the whole road experience (traffic, poor design, etc) really angers you.

I can start.

I-5 in Portland, OR.  What a substandard freeway.  I'm not even willing to guess how many years out of date it is.  Here are my biggest pet peeves about it.

- Heading south from Vancouver, WA there is a serious "choke point" in Delta Park, where through traffice is funneled into only 2 lanes.

- This same instance occurs after the northern I-405/US 30 split near the Rose Garden.

- The Terwilliger curves are dangerous, and I doubt pass Interstate standards (I-5 is a D student if it does meet standards) the worst part is you have to constantly go uphill to reach these dangerous curves, and at rush hour, truck traffic that struggles to get up this stretch....along with Oregon drivers amazing ability to drive under posted speed limits, makes this a nightmare.

I really wish ODOT would entertain the notion of just one extra through lane along I-5, versus more and more mass transit options.  While I agree with mass transit being necessary, there are times where a car is necessary, and with the projected growth through 2020, Portland's entire freeway system is ill equipped to handle it.

Now that I've "vented"  :-P What're your pet peeves?

The congestion on NJ 23 pisses me off!


ca sr 91 in riverside, and orange countys :banghead:

Revive 755:
An official rant thread?  I see my post count skyrocketing in the near future.  Just from today:

* It's bad enough trying to get up to I-80, but now I-80 takes forever to get it's speed limit up to 75 east of Lincoln, NE.  For a while it went from 65 to 75 around NE 63.  And there's hardly any signs of work between NE 63 and NE 66, just a bunch of survey stakes in the median, some grading way off the road, and one bridge in the process of being replaced.  Six miles and just one overpass is being replaced.  And who scheduled the six laning and bridge replacements?  It seems that work zone is being dragged out in the name of ticket revenue.

* Do we really need to use "Right Lane Closed Ahead" signs when the right lane that is closed sprouts - not a merge lane - and is not one of the currently available lanes?  Just block the lane when it sprouts; an out-of-towner shouldn't know the difference.

* Why the heck does it require closure of the right lane of EB I-80 at the Platte River for some work that appears to be happening way down the embankment?  I want to see more work going on closer to the highway, or just close the shoulder.  And if this work zone can be posted at 75, then more of the one between NE 63 and NE 66 can be posted at that too.

* More great speed limits for revenue on US 6 west of I-680.  Did NDOR even bother to do a speed study?

* Real great signage for EB US 6 losing a lane at I-680.  No exit only tabs, no rapid short dashes.  Just one lousy diagram way in advance which I seem to have missed since I was dealing with heavy traffic and a dump truck sandblasting my car.

* And how hard is it to sign access to I-480 from EB US 6?  Bad enough the directions are inconsistent - one sign uses north, another uses east.  Even worse when a ramp that provides access to both south and east I-480 is only signed as south.

* If EB I-480 is always as empty during rush hour as it was today, there's no reason it should be posted at a measly 50.

* I swear some drivers have an extra sense to know when you want to change lanes, and enjoy making such a maneuver as difficult as possible.


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