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4/04/2009 Update for Michigan Highway Ends


With the fact that I am not posting to MTR anymore, and the fact that the AARoads Forum is gradually becoming more and more a bigger place to talk roads and more, I am going to start posting to here major updates to some of the roads sites that are affiliated with, that are edited by myself and others.

Michigan Highway Ends is the part of that presents photographic information about the endpoints of Interstate, U.S. and state highways that dot the landscape of the Wolverine State.  For the first time in quite awhile, the site features an update that includes updates to pages for six routes, including the debut of M-294, and new photos for US 31, M-33, M-45, M-123 and M-179.  Photos are courtesy of new contributor Sam Scholtens, along with returning contributors Patrick Allen, Barry Camp, Scott Steeves & David Stilwell.   

The website is located at  Thanks, and enjoy!



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