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AASHTO spring 2009 highway renumbering requests online

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AASHTO's Standing Committee on Highways has posted the states' proposed Interstate/U.S. Route numbering changes for their spring meeting.  The applications can be viewed here.

Nevada has 6 applications, which is the most for this meeting.  Unusual, cause that honor typically falls to one of the eastern states.

All of NDOT's applications are related to the Carson City Bypass project and US 50/395.  NDOT is expecting to open another 1.3 miles of the freeway this summer (phase 2A), and will be moving US 50/395 to the new extension.  However, the final leg of the freeway (phase 2B) is mostly unfunded at this point, so a temporary designation is being sought for both highways.  NDOT is also seeking business routes of 50 and 395 along the current mainline alignments.

I noticed the I-295 elimination in the DC Area and a proposed I-695 extension on the list. That's where my I-97 should be. Leif V.

Where's the elimination of I-99?  :) :) :)


--- Quote ---Where's the elimination of I-99?     
--- End quote ---
Or I-238???? :nod: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

CDOT made a little boo-boo in its application to reroute US85/US87 onto I-25: If you look carefully at the map CDOT provided, you'll notice a spot, south of downtown Colorado Springs, where the current US85/US87 crosses over I-25 to go east of the freeway. That particular spot (the spot where CDOT asks that US85/US87 go onto I-25) does not have any onramps/offramps. This would mean that US85/87 would be left hanging :banghead:

We'll see whether or not AASHTO catches CDOT's little error  :pan:


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