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Sine salad

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EDIT/ADDITION -- I consider "sine salad" to be an assembly with FIVE (5) or more markers. To me, four or fewer signs doesn't qualify.

(Mods: If you feel the need to move this to the photos/videos area, feel free).

For photos of assemblies with a whole lotta signing going on. Here's three to get started, from my latest Flickr uploads.

I prefer teriyaki tangents.

Ether, NC:

Americus, GA:

(Personally, I think "giraffe assembly" is the best term for this, but call it what you want...)


--- Quote from: formulanone on August 29, 2012, 01:04:13 PM ---
Americus, GA:

--- End quote ---

four US routes, four shield shapes. only the right 19 is correct, and that has the wrong font width.  :pan:

New York seems to have a lot of built up sign salads...

And in Concordville, PA:


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