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3dis on former routing of parent 2di

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This topic is trying to identify the three-digit interstates that run on a former routing of their 2di parent.

Here are some examples that I can think of to get this started:

1) I-376 in Pittsburgh, PA runs on a former routing of I-76

2) I-480 near Cleveland, OH was once signed as I-80

3) I-76 and I-676 have swapped routes in Philadelphia, PA.

Plus, I have a future one.

When the I-95/PA turnpike interchange is complete and I-95 is routed onto the PA and NJ turnpikes.  The current I-95 from there to Trenton will become I-195.  (at least for now  :sombrero:)

What other ones are there?


--- Quote from: froggie on April 30, 2009, 08:50:14 PM ---Well you have the opposite in your own backyard:  I-65 running along what was originally I-265.

--- End quote ---

I didn't mention that because that is the reverse of what I mentioned.  That's a parent 2di running on a former 3di routing.

But, if everyone wants to discuss those as well.  I'm game.

I-395 on I-95's old route through Washington, DC
I-270 on I-70S from I-70 to I-495
I-275 on I-4's and I-75's old route in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

I-279 on I-79's former route on the Parkway West in Pittsburgh

When it is finally extended, I-376 on I-76's former route on the same expressway.

Terry Shea:
I-96 and I-196 flip flopped routes around 1963.  Here are the details:


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