Favorite Weather Information Links (2024 Edition)

Started by ZLoth, May 04, 2024, 11:15:18 PM

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(Updated for 2024, and apologies for the poll)

Here are some helpful location-based weather links that you can personalize. I intentionally set the latitude/longitude to DFW Airport, so a quick search and replace of the links with your where you work/live and then saving the bookmark would come in handy:

Example Latitude: 32.8976
Example Longitude: -97.0405
Example Weather Office: FWD

I love the Real Time Lightning Map whenever a thunderstorm rolls through my area. I turn on the computer hooked up to my 55" 4K television in my office and temporarily bump up the resolution from 1920×1080 to 3840×2160. The Mesonet links are great for pulling up historical notifications.

Any more handy ones?
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I appreciate this Severe Weather Warnings Page that lists all NWS warnings by NWS office. Helpful when tracking storms through various regions.


The only potential problem is that NWS offices aren't always tied to a major metro/city. For example, the Wilmington, Ohio office covers Cincinnati and Columbus.


I love IEM's databases, although most laymen would probably struggle with them.
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I like NOAA's GOES satellite imagery.  Index here:


Pick your region (would be GOES-East Southern Plains for DFW) and then under GeoColor I like the Animation Loop set to 24 images which is 2 hours worth.


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