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--- Quote from: Big John on May 05, 2014, 11:16:25 PM ---
--- Quote from: -NCX75- on May 05, 2014, 11:13:11 PM ---Cool stuff! Of course, I'm still at "dirt road" but these symbols are neat. Time to get going, I need to actually talk about roads, and of course, move up...

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There are name changes and lower thresholds for certain classifications such as county highway or state route.

You were "trail" before this.

--- End quote ---

Dirt Road = Trail

So far, I'm really liking the new ranks. Especially the DOT Employee signpost -- I like the blue alongside the FHWA logo.


Glad you guys like them! This is a result of deliberation and planning from April 20th. The images were made by me, but the ideas were contributed from many staff members to result in what you see. So don't just thank me - thank your staff members too! (And esp. rickmastfan for actually incorporating them!!  :sombrero:)  :clap:

Great, now I need to find them all again. :)

These first two don't seem to be right.
was Trail (0+ posts)
was Side Road (25+ posts)

was Arterial (50+ posts)
was Viaduct (75+ posts)
was Trafficway (100+ posts)
was County Route (250+ posts)

was State Highway (500+ posts)
was Expressway (1000+ posts)
was Turnpike (1500+ posts)
was Freeway (3000+ posts)
was Interstate (5000+ posts)

was DOT Employee
was Site Contributor

was Regional Moderator
was Global Moderator
was Admin

As there is a category for DOT Employees, any thoughts on having a category for us traffic engineers in the private sector/consultants?


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