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New England/Atlantic Canada Road Trip 10/9/21-10/16/21 - Input Requested

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Hey Everyone,

    So I posted about this in the 2021 Road Trip Plans thread, but I thought I might split it out just so I could get some input from specific members who know the area better than I.  I think I have most of the route planned, but would like some suggestions of places to eat, places to stop, local beers, and some routing advice as well.  I'll go day by day of how I have it now.

Day 1:

* Fly into Philly and rent a car.
* Start heading south on I-95 and then route onto I-495, turning around back onto I-95.
* Take I-95 all the way through up to New Haven.  I'm sticking with I-95 because one of the goals for this trip is to clinch I-95 and I'm in a little bit of a time crunch on my first day to get up to Canada since my flight time changed by two hours (later).
* Take I-91 up to Hartford and then deviate a little bit to clinch both I-384 and I-291.
* Continue up to Springfield and figure out a way to not miss any of I-91 while still clinching I-391.
* I-91 all the way up to the border with a quick stop on VT9/NH9 to clinch Cheshire County, NH.
* Autoroute 55->Autoroute 10->QC139 to Drummondville where I stop for the night.
* New Counties:
* Bucks, PA
* Hampden, MA
* Hampshire, MA
* Franklin, MA
* Windham, VT
* Cheshire, NH
* Caledonia, VT
* Orleans, VT
* Memphrémagog, QC
* Coaticook, QC
* Sherbrooke, QC
* Le Val-Saint-François, QC
* Drummond, QC
* Highways Clinched:
* I-495 (DE)
* I-95 (DE, PA, NJ, and NY)
* I-384 (CT)
* I-291 (CT)
* I-391 (MA)
* I-91
* Other clinches of note:
* All DE interstates
* Questions: What speed can I expect to average on I-95 in the NYC area on a Saturday around 2:00-3:00 PM?  Any good places to eat in Drummondville?  I know pretty much nothing about the town, but I probably need some poutine in my life since I'm in Québec, and would prefer a place that my non-existent French won't be too much of a bother.
Day 2:

* Leave Drummondville on Autoroute 20.
* Head east on Autoroute 85/QC185.
* More or less take the shortest way through New Brunswick on TCH-2.
* As planned, go TCH104->NS102->NS118 down to Halifax.
* One small side trip to clinch NS142
* New Counties:
* Nicolet-Yamaska, QC
* Arthabaska, QC
* Bécancour, QC
* L'Érable, QC
* Lotbinière, QC
* Lévis, QC
* Bellechasse, QC
* Montmagny, QC
* L'Islet, QC
* Kamouraska QC
* Rivière-du-Loup, QC
* Témiscouata, QC
* Madawaska, NB
* Victoria, NB
* Carleton, NB
* York, NB
* Sunbury, NB
* Queens, NB
* Kings, NB
* Westmorland, NB
* Cumberland, NS
* Colchester, NS
* Hants, NS
* Halifax, NS
* Highways Clinched:
* Autoroute 85(QC)
* QC185
* TCH-2 (NB)
* NS142
* NS118
* NS107
* NS111
* Other clinches of note:
* None
* Questions: Is there a good place that's not too far off of the TCH to check out the tides at the Bay of Fundy?  Is there a better/more scenic route to get to Halifax once I'm in Nova Scotia?  Do any provinces have cheaper gas than others?  Best view of the skyline of Halifax from the waterfront?  Good breweries in Halifax?Chris

Day 3:

* Leave Halifax and check out the Sambro Harbor Lighthouse by using NS253, NS349, and NS306.
* Take NS102 and NS101 to get to the NW Coast and all the way down to Yarmouth.
* Make a little side trip on Trunk 1 and NS304 to the end of Cape Forchu and check out the lighthouse there.
* NS103 back around and then Trunk 3 into Lunenburg.
* New Counties:
* Kings, NS
* Annapolis, NS
* Digby, NS
* Yarmouth, NS
* Shelburne, NS
* Queens, NS
* Lunenburg, NS
* Highways Clinched:
* NS253
* NS306
* NS101
* NS304
* Other clinches of note:
* None
* Questions: I'm interested in great views on this day, ideally with some lighthouses and crashing waves.  Any better options for lighthouses?  I picked the Sambro one partially because I need some of those highways for my "Lowest Numbered Highway You Haven't Been On" list.
Day 4:

* Leave Lunenburg and head up towards Cape Breton.
* NS103->NS213->NS102 to avoid Halifax proper.
* TCH-104 to TCH-105 to the Cabot Trail.
* Head up to do the Skyline Trail near sunset.
* Double back to Chéticamp where I spend the night.
* New Counties:
* Pictou, NS
* Antigonish, NS
* Guysborough, NS
* Inverness, NS
* Highways Clinched:
* NS324
* NS103
* NS102
* Other clinches of note:
* None
* Questions: Nothing major here.  It looks like this is the route I'll follow, but any good places to eat or something to stop at to stretch my legs would be great.

Day 5:

* Finish clinching the Cabot Trail and then double back heading towards PEI on TCH-105.
* Head east on TCH-105, clinching that and visiting the Newfoundland Ferry terminal
* Side trip to clinch NS162
* NS125->NS4 to clinch all of the Nova Scotia counties and check out the shores of Bras d'Or Lake
* TCH-104->TCH-106 to get to Caribou in time for the 1:00 ferry
* Go on a super weird routing all around PEI to get a lot of the 200's and 300's that I'm missing for "Lowest Route You Haven't Traveled" thread, much to Rothman's dismay.
* Actual route is (inhale): TCH1->PE315->PE204->PE24->PE326->PE259->PE353->PE354->PE210->PE4->PE319->PE4->PE356->PE3->PE343->Royalty Road->PE342->PE321->PE4->PE314->PE341->PE310->PE4->PE2->PE305->PE358->PE306->Manning Road->PE307->PE357->PE308->Church Road->PE309->PE2->PE4->PE327->PE339->PE328->PE338->PE312->PE313->PE2->PE323->PE352->PE351->PE22->PE21->PE213->PE3->Millview Road->TCH1 (all the way back to the ferry so I can clinch it and then return)->PE270->PE267->PE268->PE270->TCH1->PE272->TCH1->PE236 to my hotel in C'Town (exhale).
* All of that crazy driving in PEI will only account for 175 miles, and the longest I'm on any route at once is 14.3 miles.
* I average only 2.8 miles on a road before turning.
* New Counties:
* Victoria, NS
* Cape Breton, NS
* Richmond, NS
* Queens, PE
* Kings, PE
* Highways Clinched:
* Cabot Trail (Trunk 30)
* NS162
* TCH-105
* NS125
* TCH-104
* TCH-106
* PE319
* PE343
* PE342
* PE341
* PE358
* PE213
* PE267
* PE268
* PE270
* PE272
* Other clinches of note:
* All counties in NS
* All arterial highways in NS
* Questions: It's free to catch the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI, but only on a walk-up basis.  Anyone think I would have a problem getting on the 1:00 sailing on a Thursday?
Day 6:

* Leave C'Town on another convoluted routing to knock off the rest of my 200's.
* (inhale)PE7->PE256->PE2->PE243->PE224->PE258->PE6->PE243->PE226->PE2->PE9->PE225->PE247->PE235->PE249->PE237->PE235->PE13->TCH1 (heading back to C'Town to clinch it).
* Confederation Bridge back across to NB.
* Route south from Moncton to Saint John than back up to Fredericton for some variety
* TCH2->NE95->I-95 down to Bangor with a small side trip to get Piscataquis County, ME
* New Counties:
* Prince, PE
* Albert, NB
* Saint John, NB
* Aroostook, ME
* Penobscot, ME
* Piscataquis, ME
* Highways Clinched:
* PE249
* TCH-1 (PE)
* TCH-16 (NB)
* NB7
* NB95
* Other clinches of note:
* All counties in PE
* All TCH routes in the Maritimes
* Questions: I don't think I have any questions here other than the typical restaurant/brewery suggestions.

Day 7:

* Objectives for the day:
* Clinch I-395 in Maine.
* Clinch all counties in Maine and New Hampshire that I'm missing.
* Clinch I-93.
* Clinch I-195 in Maine.
* See nice scenery.
* Leaving Bangor heading out on I-395->US1A->ME46->ME9 to clinch Hancock and Washington Counties.
* Turn back around on ME9, getting back onto I-95 so I can clinch the stretch from Bangor to Augusta
* Take a short stretch of US-202 connecting to ME105 and ME206 so I can clinch Lincoln and Knox Counties
* Take ME17 to Jay, ME and then heading southwest on ME140->ME117->ME118->ME37->ME93->ME5 to get to Fryeburg
* Go on a US Route tour taking US302->US3->US2->US-5 getting me my remaining New Hampshire counties and getting me to St. Johnsbury
* From St. Johnsbury, take I-93 all the way to its junction with I-95, completing the clinch (also taking I-293 in Manchester).
* Double back on I-93 to head back up to Portland getting some mileage on I-495.
* Travel I-195 when passing through Saco/Biddeford, then back up I-95 to Portland for the night
* New Counties:
* Hancock, ME
* Washington, ME
* Waldo, ME
* Knox, ME
* Lincoln, ME
* Kennebec, ME
* Somerset, ME
* Franklin, ME
* Oxford, ME
* Carroll, NH
* Coos, NH
* Essex, VT
* Belknap, NH
* Hillsborough, NH
* Cumberland, ME
* Highways Clinched:
* I-395 (ME)
* I-93
* I-293
* I-93
* I-195 (ME)
* ME140
* ME206
* ME118
* Other clinches of note:
* All counties in NH
* All interstates in NH
* Questions: This is the day I need the most help with guidance.  Those that have been in the area, does anyone have a route that I should follow?  From Beddington, I'm currently thinking it's probably best to return on ME9 to Bangor and then head down to Augusta or Gardiner to get the portion of I-95 that I need to clinch.  Then head east on ME126 to get both of the counties I need, ME220 North to ME17 to take all the way up to its end near Rangeley.  Then take ME16->NH16->NH26->US3->US2 to St. Johnsbury.  I'll need a slight diversion to grab Carroll County, NH while I'm heading down towards Manchester/Boston this way. I'd like a reasonably efficient path (given my convoluted constraints) that is also scenic.  I've not spent much time in the Whites, so would like to drive some pretty stretches there.  Input on this section would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Froggie.  Fixed my routing.
Day 8:

* The night before when getting dinner somewhere in downtown Portland, I'll knock off a chunk of I-295 and I'll take it all the way up to the Falmouth Spur (I-495)
* Take I-95->I-495->I-295 up to Gardiner to clinch I-295.
* Double back on I-95 to get the rest of its stretch in Maine.
* Continue on I-95 all the way down to Providence's I-295
* Complete I-295 and then head back north on I-95 to I-195
* Take I-195 east to complete Rhode Island Interstates
* Exit onto MA136 South and then taking RI136->RI114->RI138 to finish my Rhode Island counties
* Then head west on US1->RI4->RI102->RI3->RI165->CT165->CT138->I-395 to get back to I-95 (I've been on all of I-95 from Boston to New London, so I wanted a different route
* I-95 down to NYC taking I-278 through the city to see something different and also travel through Staten Island which I've never visited
* Back to I-95 but looping around Philly on I-276 and I-476 to get back to the airport
* New Counties:
* Sagadahoc, ME
* Androscoggin, ME
* Bristol, RI
* Newport, RI
* Richmond, NY
* Montgomery, PA
* Highways Clinched:
* I-495 (ME)
* I-295 (ME)
* I-295 (MA/RI)
* MA136
* RI136
* RI165
* I-95
* I-278
* Other clinches of note:
* All interstates in ME
* All interstates in RI
* All counties in ME
* All counties in RI
* Questions: Will I run into much in the way of traffic when down in coastal RI?  I figured in the summer it was pretty busy down there, but in October maybe less so.  Same story for I-278 in NYC.  How bad on a Saturday around 1:00-2:00?
Overall Stats as Planned:
Total Miles: 4,388
Total New Miles For me: ~3800?
Total New Counties: 31 in the U.S.(Up to 1,432 or 45.56%), 48 in Canada (Up to 130 or 17.8%)
New States/Provinces with All Counties Clinched: NH, ME, RI, PEI, and NS (Up to 5 States and 2 Provinces)
2dis Clinched: I-91, I-93, I-95 (3 total, up to 28)
3dis Clinched: I-495 (DE), I-384 (CT), I-291 (CT), I-391 (MA), I-395 (ME), I-293 (NH), I-195 (ME), I-495 (ME), I-295 (ME), I-295 (MA/RI), I-278 (NY/NJ) (11 total up to 103)
New States with All Interstate Mileage Clinched: DE, VT, NH, ME, RI (up to 17 total)
Minimum Number of New Routes Driven: 189


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