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Planned Freeways?

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--- Quote from: Tarkus on July 01, 2009, 04:28:16 PM ---That section used to be a notorious bottleneck, but it's fantastic now--proof that investing in freeway infrastructure actually reduces congestion.  There's occasionally still issues between Cornelius Pass and 185th, though, as that stretch is only 4 lanes wide still.

-Alex (Tarkus)

--- End quote ---

There is a project on the books for US-26 that will start next year to extend the 6 lane out to 185th although I agree that it needs to be extended out at least another couple of exits.

There is a project currently being worked on from 185th to North Plains for repaving and other repair work on US-26 (an ARRA funded project).

With the completion of the widening of the last 3-lane section of Cornell Rd west of US-26 to 5 lanes, I've noticed that some of the people headed for Hillsboro that were getting off at 185th are now getting off at Cornell.



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