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national highway 1:
it's just a dirt road.

Ah, understood.

Plutonic Panda:
This seems like a pretty big project:

--- Quote --- Important highway works will improve journey times in Australia’s Queensland and New South Wales states. Work will be carried out to widen and improve the Bruce Highway on the northern side of Brisbane in Queensland. The project is being paid for jointly by the Australian Federal Government and the Queensland Government.

The stretch of highway will be widened so that it features four lanes in either direction, instead of three as at present. The widening work will reduce journey times and also improve safety for drivers. The project will also allow greater protection from flooding for the route.

The upgrade for the Bruce Highway is Queensland’s biggest ever road infrastructure plan. The work is aimed at improving safety, flood resilience, and capacity along the length and breadth of the highway between Brisbane and Cairns. A budget of US$7 billion (A$10 billion) has been provided by the Australian Federal Government for the project.
--- End quote ---

Will upgrade the entire road between Brisbane and Cairns? Because on aerial imagery some of it looks to still be a two lane undivided road

Stephane Dumas:
I founded by  luck this video about the Pacific Highway linking Sydney to Brisbane.

A Toll Tunnel is under discussion in the Brisbane area.



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