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China: Authorities expand road, fail to remove pole



The site I found this article on had a comment which said "So they have PennDOT over there too, huh?"

Heh. When I saw that, I thought maybe ODOT would like to try that on the I-35 widening project. :-D

You see this kind of stuff sometimes too in the "new world" in central/Eastern Europe, like Poland, Russia or Romania. Not like this though, but stuff like a telephone tower in the middle of a parking lot or cycling paths that end at a fence.

Too expensive!? Sorry, that excuse doesn't work. That power company shouldn't care about the price of removing the pole; just remove it! Sheesh, do they even care about the people who ram into it? The victims can sue them. And why in the world would a DOT make the markings on the road say to go dead on towards the pole at 50 MPH!?!?  :pan:

Now if that was in the US, well, the DOT that screwed up would surely get sued up to its gills.


--- Quote from: City on November 26, 2009, 10:25:52 PM ---The victims can sue them.

--- End quote ---

China has not yet reached the "lawsuit-happy" stage of capitalism.


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