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New Zealand highway forum?

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Apologies for asking such a narrow topic, but I'm on the prowl for a NZ highway forum (similar to aaroads forum), primarily to make some inquiries about highway landmarks that would likely only be known to locals.

The one(s) I used to frequent on yahoo groups have vaporized.

Anyone from NZ (or Australia) who can be of help?



May as well post the inquiries in this thread. We have a few Aussie visitors. There are only one or two NZ road enthusiasts I'm aware of.

FreewayBrent posted a new video on New Zealand freeways specifically Waterview Tunnel in Auckland


They certainly have some sexy freeways and signage down there.  Would be nice if they could fix the breezewood between NZ 1 and NZ 18, make more of NZ 1 a motorway, and add exit numbers to the motorways outside of Auckland.

Freeway Brent in another New Zealand road video.


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