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There is A LOT going on in infrastructure development in Africa these days, mostly done by the Chinese. Algeria is building several long-distance toll roads, Senegal is building it's first Autoroute, Tunisia has a decent Autoroute network, Sudan is significantly improving it's roads, Ethiopia is building a ring road around Addis Abeba, Egypt has built many freeways, Libya has several freeways, and even countries like Nigeria and Cameroon have multilane long-distance highways.


--- Quote from: Chris ---and even countries like Nigeria ... have multilane long-distance highways.
--- End quote ---
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Well, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. 150 million and growing fast, it's expected to exceed 290 million in 2050.

Lagos was a small city of 300,000 in 1950, but is currently home to 15,000,000 people and will grow to 25,000,000 people in 2015. Those are mind-boggling figures.

The worst African road network is in the DRC (former Zaire). It has a population of 69 million and 2,250 kilometers of paved road, only half of it in good condition.

Is China doing it for Africa or for China?
I think DRC population is overestimate based on 1984 census but I didnt expect Nigeria to come in at 150 million
Ethiopia Strikes me as high at 69 million -Also no modern census
You can see Nigerias roads on Google Earth. They dont look to busy in Rural areas but none do outside US and Europe
Ghana is 19 million one of most prosporus. It could benefit


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